Choosing Where Your Money Goes

If you read this blog then you are more than aware of just how angry I am regarding the current state of the cable industry as a whole. It is a technology which is being surpassed by the models on the Internet with the likes of YouTube and Netflix dominating while smaller sites are beginning to create their own waves. Even a company like Allegiance Cable isn’t able to compete with what we have available on the web but somehow I feel as if they and other cable providers are depending upon their control over access of the Internet to make up for it.

However, it seems like they will continue to depend on their access to the web because people are beginning to choose entertainment via the Internet rather than traditional cable services. To me, this is not a great business model because they could instead be funding and investing in production companies and creating television models that reflect something akin to Netflix and Youtube by creating micro content for low costs. It would’t be difficult for them considering their level of capital but they care only for continuing to plunder American consumers of their money rather than improving current models.

I cannot help but shake my head at this sort of nonsense. Why they are doing this when they could be doing so much more for their customers is beyond me. What happens to a company after they grow to the point where they are raking in tens and hundreds of millions of dollars? Companies that appear to care for their customers suddenly become the opposite, focusing on pleasing the shareholders rather than the customers that helped, and continue to help, them be successful. They need to change the way that they are doing business with their consumers.

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