OSRAM’s LED Technology Meets Fine Art

OSRAM OEM Lightning SystemsWhen new technology met fine arts, the result is extraordinary. The huge impact from technology and fine art collaboration is clearly shown on Bishop’s Palace House in Kingston upon Thames, UK. This project is inspired by a photograph by Muybridge and made possible with the state of the art LED technology from OSRAM.

The renovation of Bishop’s Palace House and the plan to transform this building and surrounding area into a Riverside Walk entertainment and leisure center came with huge challenge about how to make this long forgotten site to become attractive and inviting people to come. An ambitious project was launched to transform this site into the new landmark. New art installation was commissioned by the new owner of Bishop’s Palace House and architect Jim Reed with lighting designer Steve White becomes the ones responsible. The plan was recreating a photograph by Muybridge using 2.4 meters high metal sheets. The metal sheets are perforated and arranged and with the right lighting effects it will recreates the iconic photograph in life size. Off course, it created a demand of advance lighting solution and fortunately, OSARAM has the best answer. Using advanced lighting technology, it provides ideal illumination to the metal panels to visualize the photographs perfectly. Today, this artwork becomes the centerpiece of the area.

As the leading name in lighting technology, it is no surprise that OSRAM was chosen for this project. The type of product applied on this project is LINEARlight Flex Protect Advanced. This is a flexible and cuttable LED strip designed for high flexibility in application and installation. This LED strip can produce optimum light and with high quality UV resistant material, it is perfect for outdoor use. The lighting designer of Bishop’s Palace House renovation project recalled that OSRAM proved to deliver unmatched quality with higher quality and sustainability even with better energy efficiency.

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