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What Holds Up the Credit Repair Process?

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Need Credit Repair Service? me on Facebook - Free to Call Me - 702-890-9986 Email Me - cjthecreditfixer@gmail.comInstagram - @cjthecreditfixerOne of that main issues that holds up the credit repair process or dispute process is that clients like to hold onto the results of the investigation from the credit bureaus... People don"e;t understand how critical those letters are because it provides all...

How to Delete Collections Accounts From Your Credit Report

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If you want to find out How to Delete Collection Accounts from Your Credit Report, then today is your lucky day. In this video, I explain How to Delete Collection Accounts from Your Credit Report to ensure they never come back on again. I will even provide you with 3 free dispute letters so you can dispute them yourself. Click here to receive your free sample letters http://www.DeleteMyCollections.comDON"e;T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE!Schedule Free Consultation...

1 BIG Mistake I Made Fixing My Credit

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Don"e;t be an idiot and make the same mistake that I made. If you are in need of fixing your credit score you can get info that works here: or contact me at“Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan with support is 20 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.”

Be careful about this credit repair trick to improve your credit score

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They say time heals everything. But when it comes to your credit score, time could be the trick that delays your progress if you"e;re not careful.Your family and friends have the best intentions, but always keep in mind that if they don"e;t do certain things for a living, seek a professional. Waiting for negativities to be automatically deleted could delay your chances at using your credit to make moves. Watch this video for a clearer explanation on what I mean.Note: Date Assigned...

Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole || Credit Repair Disputes || Fix Credit ||...

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This is the Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole for Credit Repair Disputes. How you can Fix Credit The educational books and videos I sell are exactly what I did to remove 15 negative accounts from my credit report and boost my score like crazy. I didn"e;t have anyone to help me at the time or to figure this all out for me. I"e;ve put this all together to help get you that awesome life you deserve! Your credit deserves improvement! Fix credit now!! HIRE US TO...